Tuesday, July 28, 2015

209 Hillside Homes Painted in Swirling Colors Makes a Positive Impact in Mexico

The Palmitas district in Pachuca, Mexico was recently beautified with a vibrant mural by a youth organization known as Germen Crew. Joining forces with the Mexican government, the massive project encompassed 20 thousand square meters and painted the surfaces of over 209 houses. The ambitious street art utilizes bright, marbled colors to visually connect all of the buildings as they lead up a hillside — it’s instantly eye-catching.
In addition to making the neighborhood a more dazzling place, the project was also a tool for social transformation. Jobs were created in order to complete the creative endeavor, and 452 families benefited from the exterior painting. And perhaps best of all, the community was directly involved in making the fantastic mural happen. Germen Crew got to know the residents, planned workshops, and talked with them about the colors they’d like on their house. The result is a powerful work of art that the citizens can take ownership in, creating a positive energy around Palmitas.

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