Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Towering “Skysphere” is a Hi-Tech Home with Gorgeous 360-Degree Views

New Zealand-based graphic designer and engineer Jono Williams has built a towering, solar-powered structure that offers 360-degree views of the surrounding rural landscape. Known as The Skysphere, it stands at 33 feet tall and contains 270 square feet of circular living space, constructed around a giant column that includes steps leading you into the unique apartment.
Williams originally planned to build a treehouse, but after months of designing, abandoned the idea for this ambitious design. He liked the concept of an unconventional building that could exist anywhere, such as a forest, hilltop, or even in water. This project was completely DIY, and he took classes to teach himself everything—from welding to wind simulation testing—so that he'd know what to do as he went along.
The most eye-catching feature of The Skysphere is its 6.5-foot-tall window that bathes the room in natural light. Although anyone can see inside the space, Williams made sure that you can lower the curtains for privacy. The decor also has custom furniture with multicolor LED lights, as well as a built-in beer dispenser, which are both operated by voice commands. To add to his long list of futuristic technology, Williams also add a visitor-recognition system. If you have your fingerprints recorded, you're automatically greeted by name when you come in the door.

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