Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stunning Photos Capture the Dreamy Beauty of Rolling Lavender Fields

Is there anything lovelier than the sight and scent of a lavender field in full bloom? All around the world, from France to England to India, gently rolling pastures of lavender are treasured by both tourists and farmers for the flowering plant's alluring beauty, sweet fragrance, and refreshing uses in essential oil production, culinary pursuits, and the medical field. Grown in thick, aromatic rows of purple stretches across acres of land, lavender is harvested year-round all over the globe. Here's a look at some of the most spectacular lavender-filled meadows in the world.
Above photo source: Loïc Lagarde
Photo source: Loïc Lagarde
Photo source: marcovdz
Photo source: DeviantTeddine
Photo source: Patricia Stevens
Photo source: Patricia Thomas
Photo source: Tomáš Vocelka
Photo source: Gary Neave
Photo source: Keeboon Tan
Photo source: Antony Spencer
Photo source: blaisevi 41
Photo source: Yesel_R
Photo source: Angiolo Manetti
Photo source: Damien Borel
Photo source: Stéphane Toumayan

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