Friday, November 27, 2015

Adorable Ceramic Animals Sip Water Through Straws When Plants on Their Back Get Thirsty

If you have trouble remembering when to water your plants, don't worry—the Chuppon Self-Watering Animal Planter has got you covered! This Japanese product features various ceramic animals carrying tiny plants in their individual backpacks. Whenever their knapsack plants get thirsty, the little creatures are able to "sip" water up a rope contained within a straw (thanks to capillary action), thereby transporting it into the plant's soil. Once the soil is saturated, the water stops climbing upward and waits until the plant is thirsty again.
Each ceramic critter comes with seeds, soil, a plastic straw, and a backpack pot. You can choose between a kitten, mint pig, wild strawberry panda, and even a clover bunny.

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