Friday, November 27, 2015

Redditors Reimagine Photo of a Flexible Cat in Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Photoshop Battles (aka PSBattle) never ceases to delight us with the hilarious creations rendered by skilled participants, all inspired by a single photograph. For those unfamiliar with the popular PSBattle subreddit, it’s a place where a Redditor posts a source image, and then others superimpose it into bizarre and imaginative situations. Recently, a cat striking a Heisman Trophy-esque pose was the star of the latest meme.
The photo, which had the animal twisting its upper body in a unusually flexible way, gave users plenty of fodder for their Photoshop masterpieces. Its pose is not only reminiscent of a famous football stance, but as dance moves and kung fu poses. Redditor port443 even swapped the French leader Napoleon with the cat, making the historic painting Napoleon Crossing the Alps a feline affair.
Check out some of our favorite Battle images, below. And if you’re enjoying this funny feline, check out our past featured PSBattles that include a woman feeding a squirrel with a puppet.
Original image, photo source: WhyMentionMyUsername
Photo credit: cruiznjosh
Photo credit: PosiBot
Photo credit: davepolloart
Photo credit: BanksAndTanks
Photo credit: port443
Photo credit: TheBlazingPhoenix
Photo credit: gnostic_cat
Photo credit: dwightsnewface
Photo credit: WhyMentionMyUsername

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