Friday, November 27, 2015

Museum Bans Cameras and Encourages Visitors to Experience the Artwork by Drawing It

The Rijks museum in Amsterdam wants visitors to enjoy its collection of artwork the way it was appreciated in a pre-cellphone era, by leaving their devices and cameras at home. Through their Start drawing initiative, they’ve “banned” technology, encouraging people to bring their sketchbooks and draw the beautiful paintings, prints, and sculptures in front of them—as opposed to quickly recording it all on their phones.
“In today’s world of mobile phones and media a visit to a museum is often a passive and superficial experience,” Rijksmuseum explained on their website. “Visitors are easily distracted and do not truly experience beauty, magic and wonder. This is why the Rijksmuseum wants to help visitors discover and appreciate the beauty of art and history through drawing, so #Startdrawing!”
When sketching, you’re forced to study every element of an artwork, and you’ll notice small things you’d miss by just snapping a photo. This practice also allows you to meditate on the meaning of the piece and come away with a greater understanding of it.
Anyone can take part in #Startdrawing, and people of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Every Saturday is a drawing day in the Rijksmuseum, and they give visitors a sketchbook and pencils to complete fun drawing assignments throughout the building.

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