Monday, January 4, 2016

Dinosaur Egg Candle Melts to “Hatch” an Adorable Baby Raptor

With the Hatching Dinosaur Candle, you now have the chance to own an adorable baby raptor…in wax, of course. At first, the product appears as an innocuous 14-centimeter-tall egg, but when lit, it eventually melts away to reveal a creature hiding inside. Once the candle has completely dissolved, this tiny treasure will keep you company and add some prehistoric ambience to your abode.
The Hatching Dinosaur Candle is exclusively available from the online shop Firebox. Although the little raptor looks realistic, the company hilariously reminds you that their product is indeed fake, stating, “Sometimes life doesn't find a way. Dinosaurs are 100% extinct.” They’re currently available for preorder and will be delivered in 2016.

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