Monday, January 4, 2016

UFO Inspired Dome House Can Rotate to Let Sunlight in From Multiple Angles

Nestled in the middle of a 28-acre forest in New Paltz, New York sits a spectacular wooden geodesic dome house, reminiscent of a UFO that has freshly landed on Earth. This unconventional dwelling was created using a 2,300-square-foot prefab kit by the French company Solaleya. It’s one of 200 Domespaces built worldwide, and one of the few—if not the only—version that’s currently in the United States.
The spacious two-story structure has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, boasting an airy and open floor plan. Downstairs, the kitchen, dining, and living area flow into one another, with an enclosed master bedroom suite located on the same level. A custom-built spiral staircase leads upstairs to a library, office, guest bedroom, and bathroom.
As if its contemporary dome shape wasn’t unique enough, this home has an amazing hidden feature: the entire thing can rotate! With the press of a button and in about five minutes' time, the dwelling can shift 150 degrees thanks to an electric engine. This allows residents to admire the gorgeous surrounding landscape at a variety of angles and always have the best angle of light.
The Domespace has mainly been used as a bed and breakfast, but it’s now for sale starting at just under $900,000.

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