Monday, January 4, 2016

Green-Roofed Villa Is Seamlessly Tucked into the French Countryside

If you don’t look too carefully, you could blink and miss Casa Jura, mistaking it for a bump in the hilly landscape of Bois D’amont, France. This is exactly what JDS Architect Firm had in mind when designing the contemporary villa retreat, situated in the secluded countryside. From the outside, this house all but blends into the surrounding mountain landscape, with minimal visual disturbance thanks to a cloaking, wavy grass roof. Despite its seemingly hidden structure, the interior living spaces are surprisingly open and natural light pours in from numerous windows.
The curvy structure even includes a full size glass façade that overlooks a picturesque pine valley below. The 134-square-foot home was built for 200,000 euros. Two deep incisions were cut into the terrain to make space for the structure, while leaving the upper elevation relatively untouched, to create the fully functional, green walk-on roof. With a minimalistic white interior and hardwood flooring, the entire home seems bright, airy, and modern—the perfect retreat for contemporary living in nature.

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