Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cat Wearing a Tiny Captain’s Outfit is the Cutest Sailor Onboard a Russian Cruise Ship

Cats are famously fearful of taking baths, but if this feline is any indication, they might be alright with the high seas. Since 2008, a Persian cat named Sailor has been aboard a Russian tourist ship that cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg. He earns his keep by “working” with captain Vladimir Kotin and even has a uniform to prove it. Sailor dons a tiny decorated suit and hat while he keeps close watch on the captain’s bridge every night from midnight to 4AM.
Sailor just might be the cutest shipmate to ever set sail, which gives the cruise another draw—passengers are eager to see him in action.

Sailor isn’t the only cat to occupy the ship. Since he’s been onboard, he’s taken on a Scottish Fold subordinate named Boatswain who wears a striped shirt and sailor cap. Although the two get along, Boatswain is considered "lazy" and is often seen sleeping on the job.

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