Saturday, May 28, 2016

Intricately Intertwining Snake Tattoos Using Black and White Ink

Tattoo artist Mirko Sata inks his entwined snake designs with dazzling intricacy, contorting the illustrated serpents into slithering twists and slippery knots that seem to pop from clients' skin. The reptiles' scales are rendered with texture that appears almost tangible through Sata's interchanging use of black and white pigments, with the white appearing almost illustrious, glimmering around the geometric edges of the coiled creatures and glinting from fanged faces.
Snake enthusiasts can get their own serpentine body art at Satatttvision in Milan, the tattoo shop where Sata does his work. The rest of us can simply admire the two-toned reptiles on the artist's Instagram page.

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