Monday, December 17, 2012

Amazing Pencil Art

What do you think about the images below?. Do you think they are photographs ?. If yes, you are wrong. These are the outstanding pictures drawn by just a Pencil.  Amazed ???

The 47-year-old, from Scotland, is able to recreate photos in amazing detail, often just using only a pencil.
From the wrinkles on a woman’s face, a puff of smoke from a cigarette or dripping water – Cadden’s drawings look unbelievably realistic.
SmokeScreen: Amazingly minute detail has been captured by the hyperrealist Scottish-born artist Paul Cadden, but his work leaves you wondering whether your eyes have been tricked .
Hyperrealism was born from the idea of photorealism, which are paintings based on photographs but created in a non-photographic medium. Taking an average of between four to six weeks to produce, Cadden creates about seven to eight pieces every year – which usually come in A1 or A0 sizes – and sells it for £5,000 each or sometime even more.
A spokesman for London’s Plus One Gallery, which is featuring Cadden’s work in its current hyperrealism exhibition, said: ‘When you look at a picture of his work, they do look like photographs.’
But when you see it in a gallery up close, you can tell it’s a drawing. The detail is incredible.’
Cadden, from Glasgow, was last year shortlisted for Artist of the Year 2011 for his drawing, ‘Painted context’.

Amazing pictures by paul cadden - pencil art

Amazing pictures by paul cadden - pencil art

Paul cadeen - amazing pencil art

Man smoking-amazing pencil art by Paul Cadden

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