Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Highest Paid Female Singers

Heads our list of the main outsider 2011 - Britney Spears, whose revenues increased by 6 times - from $ 10 million to $ 58 Million

01. Britney Spears
 $ 58 Million
Britney Spears album "Femme Fatale" was platinum this year's, which directly affected the income. Unimportant part of its earnings as well, and played tour. And of course, she could not make a bad what has become the face of the new fragrance from Elizabeth Arden Fantasy Twist.

02.Taylor Swift
 $ 57 Million
A huge portion of the proceeds were singer concerts (about a million dollars each), and the fees from the sales of her latest album, "RED", and of course the promotional concerts with Sony and CoverGirl
03. Rihanna
 $ 53 Million
A native of Barbados gets basis, income from touring performances, and advertising contracts with Vita Coco and Nivea. However, the latter had to break contact with the singer, because her behavior does not correspond to the image of the company, namely "trust, family, self-respect."
04. Lady Gaga
$ 52 Million
Source of income of the flamboyant singer are selling albums, touring and fragrance of her name - Fame Lady Gaga.
05. Katy Perry 
 $ 52 Million
Katy Perry can safely boast about their achievements: 5 singles from her latest album "Teenage Dream" is a leader in all of the world's charts - this could only Michael Jackson.
Well, the main income singer gets through their concert tour - California Dreams.
06. Beyonce
 $ 40 Million
Having a baby made the singer a bit to reduce their activity. However, this significant occasion for work did not affect star: records sold well, own fashion house House of Dereon brings not a bad return. In the next year we expect to see it in the top three: she signed a contract for $ 50 million from Pepsi and is preparing to release a new album.
07. Adel
 $ 35 Million
Adele own example proves that all the talk about the death of the record industry is worthless. Winner of an BRIT Awards for his album "21" sold 23 million copies of the record, which earned her last February, and another six awards "Grammy."
08. Sade
 $ 33 Million
The singer, who was born in Nigeria and raised in the UK, can not boast the highest earnings. However, the number of touring concerts obzaviduyutsya many: for the year she spent almost 100 performances.
09. Madonna
 $ 30 Million
One of the major veteran pop scene earns mainly on the sale of rights and through the old hits. Well, not unimportant role played by own perfume Truth of Dare, Material Girl clothing and footwear Truth of Dare.
10. Shakira
$ 20 Million
Shakira could earn by selling it to tour and flavor Elixir.

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