Friday, December 14, 2012

Beautiful Christmas Trees Around the World

                             Poles are walking around the Christmas tree in the center of Warsaw

 In the central squares of the largest cities in the world have started to establish Christmas trees. All the cities every year trying to bring what is in the design of new parts.In several cities unfortunately banned traditional eating place, because it offends the feelings of some of the "people." 
Americans are skating around the Christmas tree in Pittsburgh, PA
Christmas tree in high-tech style on the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium
Christmas Tree in Seoul, South Korea
Christmas Tree in Newport Beach, California
Tree in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Spain
Christmas Tree at the Staples Center arena in Los Angeles, California
40-year-old tree is full of lights in Baltimore mansion
 .The ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro
Christmas tree on the background of the Capitol in Washington, DC
Workers decorate a Christmas tree in the center of Moscow

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