Friday, December 14, 2012

Rare Pictures of China Early 20th Century

Corner Tower "Tatar city" Dunbyanmen in Beijing. 
Photos of China of the early 20th century. Mainly dedicated to the Chinese fortifications and various objects near Beijing. More details on the castle walls of Beijing can be read here.

The walls of Beijing next to the Grand Canal.
Front Rifle tower fortress gates of Beijing. 
The gate of the Inner City Chzhenyanmen Tatar.
Fortress Wall of Beijing on the inside. 
Southwest corner of "Tatar city" in Beijing.
Built in the wall-mortar Suburghan. 
In the early 20th century walls of Beijing have stayed in much ruinirovannom condition.
Cemetery near the city walls of Beijing.
Beijing. Uta Dachzhentszyuesy pagoda monastery. 1473. 
Pagoda Temple Tyanninsy - all that remained of the Jurchen Chzhundu city after the Mongol invasion. Chzhundu was the predecessor of Beijing. 
Schitszyachzhuan city walls.
The city walls of Nanjing
The ruins of the Forbidden City in Nanjing.
Pavement at the entrance to the fortified "caravanserai" in the north of China.
Getting "expensive perfume", leading to the tombs of the emperors of the Ming Dynasty. 
Figures of animals on the road spirits. 
Bice figure fantastic creatures. Tomb of Xiao Xiu 518 years old, Sichuan Province. 

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