Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beautiful Cabin in Connecticut Forest Built for Under $4,000

In the spring of 2013, Connecticut-based carpenter Dave Herrle completed the Wee House, a beautiful cabin nestled in the woods of Westbrook. The project was imagined on New Years Day with Herrle and his then-fianc√© (now wife) moved in by the first week of May. Impressively, he built the entire thing for under $4,000 and without the use of electricity.
The two-storey, 11 by 14 foot space sits on a wooden platform and provides a balcony that's perfect for taking in views of the forest. Herrle used salvaged wood from different job sites and reclaimed windows to construct the home. A cozy kitchen and living area are downstairs and feature bright decor details like a Mexican terracotta sink. The upstairs is accessible by a ladder and includes a lofted bedroom with built-in shelving. Although the couple lives at the cabin full time, Herrle has another house on the property that they use for showering and occasional cooking.
Herrle wasn't always a carpenter; he had a desk job after graduating college but hated it, and decided to make a career move after hiking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail in 2007. In doing this, he saw the benefits of living simply. Making his home in the Wee House and constructing things by hand is currently helping Herrle to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming completely self-sufficient.

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