Saturday, August 30, 2014

Innovative LED Paddleboards Offer Incredible Views of the Nighttime Sea

Doesn’t this look fun? NightSUP, a Miami-based company, has put an exciting twist on stand-up paddleboarding by lining their boards with a strip of LED lights. So, when it’s dark on the beach, you now have the glow of your paddleboard as you maneuver through the water.
A unique experience is an added benefit of these boards. Originally, they were designed to enhance safety on night paddles, but the extra feature also gives you an incredible view of the nighttime sea and wildlife that aren’t normally visible during the day. Each board is equipped with about 40 feet of lights and gives the illusion that those riding it are somehow levitating.
NightSUP offers tours if you’re interested in splashing around after dark. They have several locations in Florida, Delaware, Missouri, Utah, and Nevada, and it seems like a perfect vacation activity. Check out the video below to see just how mesmerizing they are!


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