Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stunning "Earth House" Appears to Be Built into the Ground

 The Earth House Project is a visualized single family home that appears as if it’s built into the ground. Proposed by the Kosovan firm Molos Group, their captivating images show a modern space that’s surrounded by lush, green grass as it intermingles with the building. They imagine it to be located in Tirana, Albania, away from the hustle and bustle; Earth House is an escape into tranquility.
Molos Group writes about their project and explains, “The position of the house is in the midst of nature, far away the busy streets of Tirana. The house was projected that way, to be by all means in touch with nature, because we believe that the beauty in architecture is a reflection of the beauty of nature.”
If ever built, Earth House Project would no doubt be a stunning sight to see. Depending on your vantage point, the ground reveals and obscures the structure from different angles. The large glazed surfaces deliver ample sunlight to the living areas, and it brings even more natural beauty into the home.

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