Saturday, August 30, 2014

Realistically Paints by Makeup Artist on her Hands to Reveal a Tiger's Stare

We’ve seen some incredible transformations with makeup, and now Lara Hawker has impressed us with her skills. Instead of only working on the face and neck, the New Zealand-based makeup and special effects artist cleverly painted her hands to look like a tiger. One hand depicts the snout and its long whiskers while the other features an illustrated eye. When held together, the vibrant oranges and stripes capture the essence of a tiger’s stare.
On her Deviantart page, Hawker writes, “[I] thought I’d try something a little out of my comfort zone.” She creates an illusion with her hands rather than relying on expressive facial features, and it pays off. The unusual choice grabs our attention and shows yet another marvelous way to apply makeup.

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