Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Amazing Twinkling Stars Skirt Adorned with 250 LED Lights

You want to feel like you “shine” when you wear an outfit, and now you can—literally. ThinkGeek has created aTwinkling Stars Skirt that’s adorned with over 250 tiny LED lights that sparkle like the night sky. Going from a “day look” to a “night look” is no problem because the midi-length garment illuminates a path all on its own. Plus, the skirt’s silhouette is stylistically versatile and flattering on many body types (from sizes XS to 5X).
To make the dazzle possible, designers have incorporated three layers of fabric into the garment. There’s a white liner, a white gauze layer, and the see-thru constellations on top. The gauze layer is how the skirt twinkles—it contains 30 elastic snap tabs in which the lights are attached (or detached).
Nestled within the waistband is a battery pack that allows you to turn the skirt on and off. Batteries are required, but with a fresh set, this skirt will shine for over three days straight. Get outfitted with this playful piece of clothing via theThinkGeek website.

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