Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tiny Goldfish Undergoes $500 Surgery to Remove a Big Pebble From Its Mouth

Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services specializes in treating “non-traditional” pets, and they recently showcased their expertise with their care of a goldfish named Conquer. His human brought him into the vet after he accidentally swallowed a pebble. Just like a cat or dog, this beloved pet had the full treatment—including anesthesia.

After determining that the ailment was indeed caused by a pebble, Conquer was taken in for emergency surgery. First, they dripped an anesthetic agent in the water that put the fish to sleep. Then, they inserted tiny instruments into his mouth and slowly pulled out the rock. The vet remarked on Facebook, “[A] big pebble for a little goldfish to try to eat!” Once Conquer was clear of the stone, he was placed in a recovery tank that contained clean water and went home the next day.
The entire procedure cost about $500—Conquer was bought at a pet store for about $12—however, the vet commended his human for taking action when she noticed something was wrong. “Most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid spending this money on a dog, cat or child,” a spokesperson told Buzzfeed, “so why would we value our beautiful exotic pets any less.”

The vet observed Conquer to see if something fishy was going on:

Once they determined he ate a pebble, it was time for surgery:

They pulled a 13-gram pebble from his oral cavity:

Conquer has since made a full recovery.

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