Wednesday, September 28, 2016

“Lattice Hair” Trend Gives Ordinary Braids a Boost with Stunningly Intricate Weavings

From mermaids to secret rainbows to hidden undercuts, it’s been a good year for hair. One of the latest trends that can only be described as “hair art” is lattice braids. Think of them like ordinary braids cranked to 11—they feature a similar criss-crossing structure but use smaller, intricately woven pieces to form complex arrangements that trail down the back or side of the head. The result is showstopping and best of all, versatile—this hairstyle can be worn in formal or casual settings.
The lattice braid is often integrated with other contemporary hair trends. Many women weave their long, unconventionally-colored locks into this style and create a multifaceted design that blends the likes of lilacs and turquoise strands—it looks as though they’re sporting an abstract work of art rather than carefully-engineered hair.
Check out these beautiful lattice braids, below.
Above photo credit: @braidsbyjordan

Photo credit: @nita_loves_hair

Photo credit: @braidsbyjordan

Photo credit: @braidsbyjordan

Photo credit: @hotforbeauty

Photo credit: @hotforbeauty

Photo credit: @wellaeducation

Photo source: Melancholie²

Photo credit: @squaresalonlv

Photo credit: @leysahairandmakeup

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