Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Exquisite Glass Necklaces with Real Acorn Caps Celebrate the Fun of the Fall Season

As the autumn leaves change color, nature provides us with other reminders that fall is on the way. The trees shower us with acorns—another symbol of the changing season. Online shopBullseye Beads pays homage to the hearty nut with handmade pendants made of glass. Strung on antique-style chains, they’re a playful reminder of mild temperatures, apple cider, and all of the wonderful activities that make fall so memorable.
To form the translucent pieces, artisan Beth Ruth uses Italian and German soda lime glass and a table torch. The pods are shaped one at a time and annealed—heated and slowly cooled—overnight in a digitally-controlled kiln. Afterwards, Ruth tops each of the orbs with a real acorn cap that was sealed in museum wax. Many of the pendants boast rich fall browns and oranges, but the pieces are available in a variety of colors—some even have tiny objects encased within them.
These decorative acorns are fully stocked in the Bullseye Beads shop on Etsy.

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