Monday, June 23, 2014

Beautiful Colorfully Illuminated Cranes Produce a Dancing Light Show

Award-winning architectural lighting design firm Skira specializes in innovative lighting solutions. Recently, the firm collaborated with Uljanik Shipyard—one of the oldest working shipyards in the world—to create Lighting Giants. Located in Pula, Croatia, the installation of colorful cranes dance along the night sky and playfully shine along the water in vibrant reflections.
The eight cranes are illuminated with 73 Philips RGB LED spotlights that can be programmed to thousands of different color variations and intensities. As a result, the installation is a continuously changing concept that celebrates the idea of a modern, evolving monument. The piece was first revealed during Pula's festival of lights, Festival Visualia, and is regularly displayed every fifteen minutes from 9pm until midnight.
"Among tons of raw steel, light and color, we created a different role for those cranes as they move in slow motion for decades without ever being tired,” explains lighting designer Dean Skira.

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