Monday, June 23, 2014

Beautifully Dreamy Photos of Cotton Clouds

For years, we’ve been captivated by the beautiful work of photographer Alexis Mire. The young Boston-based artist never ceases to amaze us with her intriguingly surreal images, and The Cotton Series certainly doesn’t disappoint. We see intimate and mysterious compositions that revolve around white and fluffy cotton-esque clouds. Sometimes, the soft form is under her control, while other times Mire watches it from both near and afar.
The series presents us with the many forms in which a cloud can take. It’s seen as a cold breath outside and the steam that’s flowing from a teapot. An all-encompassing cotton surface cradles two subjects in love and suggests the metaphor for being on “cloud nine.” Throughout every image, it seems to be representative of daydreaming and the fantastic things that our mind can come up with, if only we’d slow down and let it wander.

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