Monday, June 23, 2014

Breathtaking Photos of Odle, in the Dolomites Mountain Range of Italy

 High in the Italian alps, within the famous mountain range called the Dolomites, separating the Funes valley from the Gardena valley, sit the breathtaking Odle mountains. The Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in August 2009, and have been called some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes found anywhere in the world with its sheer cliffs, vertical walls and deep valleys. One writer descriptively called the mountains, "flames frozen in stone."
Walking the Dolomites is a unique experience in and of itself, as you get a 360-degree view of rocks that have been transformed over thousands of years. There are a number of different trails, from the easy, well-graded paths to the more challenging ones. They cater to hikers of all abilities. Here are some spectacular shots of the Odle mountain group taken by various photographers. Notice that spectacularly sheer cliff.
Photo: Angelo Ferraris  Photo: Angelo Ferraris  Photo: Jim Nilsen  Photo: Francisco Trevisan  Photo: Max Rive  Photo: Max Rive  Photo: Max Rive

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