Monday, June 23, 2014

High Speed Photos Capture

Photographer Martin Klimas experiments with all kinds of creative materials to produce inventive compositions using high-speed photography. In just the flash of a second, he documents intense motion of flowers smashing into millions of pieces, splattering liquids, shattering porcelain, and, in this case, exploding glass, ceramic, and stoneware vases.
In his series, entitled Flowervases, Klimas shoots the floral arrangements with a steel ball and captures the seconds when the steel and the vases interact. The delicate flower arrangements appear untouched while water and glass burst out in every direction and remain frozen in mid-air.
This juxtaposition is exactly what Klimas finds most fascinating. His bio explains, "The contrast of motionlessness and top speed explodes the triteness of the subject. The simultaneous presence of two distinct states and the improbable serenity of the pictures are positively spellbinding."

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