Monday, July 21, 2014

Amazing Vine Videos of Space by Astronaut Reid Wiseman

Astronaut Reid Wiseman has a unique perspective of Earth that few of us will ever see - he’s currently in space. Wiseman is aboard the International Space Station, and uses this special vantage point to his benefit. The savvy astronaut has a Vine account and posts the incredible things that he sees while he’s away.
Wiseman’s short videos show what a lightening storm over Houston, Texas looks like as it flashes beneath a cloudy surface, as well as the brilliant green color of an aurora borealis. He also gives us an idea of just how fast they travel; on one Vine he reports that they’re cruising at speeds of 28,000/kph! These videos are a magical sight and a reminder of the beauty and wonders that exist in our world and beyond.
Above: Houston under a Lightening Storm
Aurora Borealis Lights as Orion Rises

Moonlight Cruise Over the Pacific Ocean at 28,000kph

Single Earth Orbit

Combustion Science from the Microgravity Glovebox

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