Monday, July 21, 2014

Colorful Canopy of Umbrellas Graces the Streets of Portugal

It's that time of year again! A new canopy of colorful umbrellas has been created over the streets of Portugal. Two years ago, photographer Patrícia Almeida introduced us to this whimsical installation put on by production company Sextafeira Producoes for the annual arts festival Agitagueda. Held every July in the city of Agueda, the festival draws thousands who come to the city to enjoy art exhibits and concerts. While last year's umbrellas appeared darker in color than the previous, with more primary colors, this year we see a softer palette with sprinkles of purples and pinks.
Can't get enough of this cheerful installation. It's something to look forward to every July!
Top Photo: Cristina Ferreira
Photo: AgitAgueda
Photo: Cristina Ferreira
Photo: AgitAgueda
Photo: Patricia Almeida
Photo: Patricia Almeida
Photo: Sextafeira Producoes
Photo: Fanfare Ciocarlia

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