Monday, July 21, 2014

Photographer Climbs High Up in the Mountains to Capture Dynamic Landscapes

Perched high up in the hills and mountaintops, Max Rive sees the world differently than most. The adventurous photographer hikes to locations that are not highly populated and observes the world from a bird's eye view. Through his lens, Rive takes viewers on adventures across stunning landscapes and mountaintops, where we are invited to experience the world from an entirely new and creative perspective.
To obtain the dynamic compositions, Rive hikes to high perches, withstands very cold temperatures, and greets the sun as it rises over large peaks and glistening rivers. He often stitches multiple panoramic shots together to obtain the wide ranges and to capture the overwhelmingly beautiful perspectives from high above the world.
Each photograph emanates with vivid colors and whispers of quiet solitude. Anyone afraid of heights might feel a bit nervous looking at the single individuals balancing on the edge of cliffs and mountaintops, overlooking a huge expanse of clouds, sky, and the earth far below.

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