Thursday, July 24, 2014

Curious Photos Reveal What's inside of Our Favorite Fireworks

Today is the Fourth of July holiday in the United States, so it seems like the perfect time for Andrew Waits’ series entitled Boom City. His photographs catalogue the colorful fireworks sold for this very occasion; specifically, those that are purchased north of Seattle, Washington in the Tulaip reservation. It’s there that families visit hundreds of vendors to obtain cherry bombs, roman candles, firecrackers, bottle rockets, and more. After they’ve made their purchases, they can set off them off in the open field that’s next to the stands.
Waits’ ongoing project features a cross section of these small items that dazzle adults and children alike. We see a mixture of combustible powders and wicks that are tightly bound into a neat package. There’s an odd beauty to each photograph as the candy-colored hues rest against a pitch-black background. The photographer creates an interesting juxtaposition between their presentation here (quiet and unassuming) with their intended use as bright and boisterous celebratory objects.
Above: Mighty Cracker
Lightning Flash
Orange Ammo Smoke
Blue Thunder Roman Candle
World Class Clay Color Smoke Ball
Flying Color Butterflies Rocket
Moon Travelers Bottle Rocket
Ground Bloom Flower

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