Sunday, September 27, 2015

Secret Lies Behind Picturesque Instagram Posts

Some Instagram photos are so perfect you can’t help wondering how scenes like that actually exist. Beautifully crafted, the compositions might make you wish your life was that picturesque. Thailand-based photographerChompoo Baritone sheds some light on these types of impeccable images with her clever series called #slowlife. In it, these small Instagram frames are just a fraction of the overall surroundings—a less-than-flawless scene.
The amusing photographs poke fun at the accounts that many find envious. Calm, beautiful shots are encompassed by everyday life that’s often the antithesis of the featured Instagram post: a well-composed plate of food is at odds with the hungry cat who wants a bite of it; a tranquil day at the beach ignores the children running amok just out of frame; and someone completing a difficult yoga pose has some off-camera help from a friend.
Baritone’s photos remind us that curated Instagram accounts don't always tell the whole story, and that it's okay if real life looks a little messy sometimes—it's the truth.
Chompoo Baritone: Facebook

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