Sunday, September 27, 2015

Skylight Window Easily Transforms into Rooftop Balcony

It’s now possible to transform a skylight into a small balcony by simply opening its frame. Danish window company Velux has designed Cabrio, a dormer that’s made up of two sections, each with a different purpose. The top opens for ventilation while the bottom features an integrated banister that moves outward, creating a space to stand and admire the view. It’s a fantastic solution for making an attic feel more open by allowing the outdoors to come inside.
There are many design options with the Cabrio. It comes in a variety of wood and metal finishes to match your decor scheme. In addition to looking great, the window can even aid in safety by being used as a fire exit. There is some limitations to the architectural feature, however—you must have a roof pitch between 35 and 53 degrees. But, if it can be installed, it's an easy, innovate way to open up your home.
Above photo source: Velux Window Installers
Photo source: Attic Designs 
Photo source: Attic Designs 
Photo source: Attic Designs 

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