Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chinese Family Lives in Abandoned Toilet

Numerous individuals who aren't fulfilled by their living conditions have most likely never known about this momentous man from China. 

For as far back as six years, the 32-year-old, Zeng Lingjun and his family live in the closet of one of the lodgings in the city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province.

Zeng Lingjun was conceived in a little town, in the Jilin Province of Northeastern China. As a kid, he longed for one day going to school, yet on the grounds that his family was too poor was unable to pay 5000 yuan ($ 794) for school, he needed to surrender his dream and settle for turning into a shoemaker and repair shoes as a profession.

But he had larger plans for himself, so one day, with just 50 yuan ($8) in his pouch, he left for Shenyang, the large-scale city in northeast ceramic. Six years ago, a friend arranged him an forsaken hotel toilet was accessible for rent at a very reduced cost. He immediately scrounged the cash he required and rented the abandoned toilet as his new dwelling. He took down the vintage door and all the wooden cubicles, and laid down some planks to cover up the lavatory bowls and make room for a bed. The dismantled cubicles were altered to storage space.

In 2008 Zeng Lingjun met his current wife, also a migrant worker. They married in 2010 and had a baby shortly after. Now the three of them live in the abandoned toilet. At one point, they saved enough money to move into a normal 80 square meter apartment, but they found themselves coming back to their old home just days after they had moved out, unable to afford all the expenses.

So they moved to the toilet. Their new home area of ​​20 square meters. Already fully adapted to their needs.

Two years back, they had a son, who they named Zeng Dei (translated as “lucky”), with the wish that he verifies fortuitous for their parents.

He fixes footwear, cleans and makes key chains for the passers-by. His workplace is right out-of-doors of the inn where his family inhabits. Zeng`s conscientious mind-set to his work attracted numerous regular customers, who often pay him a little more for his services. In a month he profits from 2,000 yuan ($ 317), which equals the average wage of Chinese workers in the factory.

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