Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mystery Surrounds Cemetery That Turns Buried Bodies into Mummie

The town of San Bernardo has a community of only 17,000 persons. It is at a three-hour drive from the capital city of Bogota. Currently, there are about two dozen mummies organised in standing place against the partitions of an below ground crypt of the local cemetery.

The phenomenon was first noticed 15 years ago, by grave digger Eduardo Cifuentes.Scientists have no concept why this is happening. The only other location in Latin America where natural mummificationtakes place is the Guanajuato, a village in central Mexico, where underground gas and soil situation are the mystery. But the same will not be said for San Bernardo, because bodies are buried in chambers overhead the ground (as is customary in Colombia) so they do not arrive into communicate with the earth.
Local people have a few interpretations of their own. Some attribute it to the purity of the village water and lack of chemical additives in their food. A few of them believe the ground warmth of the town is conducive to the mummification method. Some think it’s because of two unusual fruits in the local diet
Another interesting explanation is that around 1957, the cemetery was moved from its old location to the current one. “I think the location of the cemetery, the actual site, I think it is something to do with the Universe, because it never happened at the old cemetery, never. No mummies ever came out from there,” said Jose Del Carmen Rojas, a local.

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