Monday, January 20, 2014

Massive Lego Hogwarts From 400,000 LEGO Bricks

If ever there was a “Who’s the larger Harry Potter Fan?” challenge, I am sure no one can even come close to Seattle-based builder, Alice Finch. The certifiable Potterhead spent 12 months construction an incredible 400,000-piece, 170-square-foot Lego replica of Hogwarts palace that places your fan fiction to disgrace.

In addition to its massive dimensions, the most outstanding thing about the Lego castle is its deepness of minutia. Clearly Finch is a intelligent woman who considered to include a Defense Against the Dark Arts school room with a closet for a boggart (à la detainee of Azkaban), and even the Grey Lady. She furthermore helpfully uploaded a 79-photo Flickr album of the entire palace so young person superfans can properly obsess. In addition to basically every character cited in the publications and movies, the Great auditorium and the sleeping room of Secrets are among numerous of the rooms featured in the playable L-shaped set.

Finch explained she got motivated by Lego construction with her juvenile children, and that they, along with her married man, helped her finish this massive task. She considered how much time went into getting Hogwarts prepared for scholars. The castle was finally completed in October last year for the annual Lego carnival Brick-Con, where Finch went on to win “People’s Choice” and “Best in display” last year.

Whereas she doesn’t understand precisely how much the LEGO Hogwarts cost to make, Alice says she ordered thousands of bricks and accessories from all over the world.

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