Thursday, January 23, 2014

Timelapse Video of Times Square on New Year's Eve

New York-based broadcasting and media production company the Timelapse Group captured the festivities of New Year's Eve in Times Square from above and put their footage together into a mesmerizing time-lapse video. From the morning of December 31st through the very end of 2013, when the ball dropped, multiple cameras were recording all the foot traffic and fireworks. Using a dozen recording devices, the production team was prepared to catch diverse angles of Times Square to ring in the new year.
As countless people celebrated on the streets, below, the Timelapse Group crew managed to capture everything from their arrival and the crystal ball's descent to the following fireworks. They were even able to catch a time-lapse of the crowds clearing out of Times Square, leaving a trail of confetti and debris behind.
Be sure to check out the full video, below.

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