Thursday, January 2, 2014

Doctors cure HIV infected baby by giving cocktail

"Doctors cure HIV infected baby – giving her the cocktail within 30 hours after being born. after a month it turned out the virus disappeared completely from her body. The doctors continued the treatment for a year and a half and from tests they conducted it showed the baby is completely healthy. researchers:”This is proof that you can destroy the hiv virus in new born babies.”

A new-born that was born with the HIV virus in Mississippi  USA was treated with the standard cocktail for 17 months, which is given to all HIV patients - and by this day – there is no memory of the virus in her body. So say the researchers from the university of Jones Hopkins in Baltimore. According to the researchers this is a real breakthrough for treating the virus.

The baby was born in the hospital short time after it was discovered her mother is HIV positive. for that reason it was not possible to treat the mother before the birth, making the chances of a having an HIV baby even lower. for that reason – within 30 hours after the birth – the baby received cocktail treatment against the virus. The cocktail, was not different from what others receive normally.

Already on the first days of the treatment the doctors noticed the Withdrawal of the virus, and 29 days after her birth – the HIV was no where to be find in the baby’s body. the doctors continue with the treatment for 17 months, until, for no apparent reason, the mother stopped bringing the baby to the clinic – which is why she didn’t receive her cocktail. 10 months afterwards the baby was examined again – showing no trace of the virus in her body.

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