Thursday, March 31, 2016

Clever Combinations of Illustrations and Wood Carvings Create Extraordinary Miniature Cities

Luke O’Sullivan uses a combination of drawings and sculptural carvings to construct wondrous urban landscapes. His extensive metropolitan pieces strike a balance between recognizable architecture and impossible structures in order to create fantastical subterranean systems. The 3-D artworks protrude into space, similar to a diorama display, but O'Sullivan purposively ensures that his miniature worlds are rooted partially in reality and partially in the absurd.
His latest release, Cool Shelter makes use of screen printed drawings and wooden structures to create a labyrinth of twists and turns. His piece aims to explore the relationship between an over-world and underworld by blending together above and below with three-dimensional and two dimensional to create an exceptional environment. O’Sullivan states that he draws inspiration from dystopian science fiction and early Nintendo animations to conceive his artwork. With this in mind, his vibrant world explores the idea of an urban environment in a novel and interesting way.

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