Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ethereal Beauty of London Cloaked in Thick Fog

London is known for its epic fog that cloaks buildings and landmarks in a thick gray haze, offering little visibility as it seemingly dwarfs the surrounding landscape. Photographer Radu Negru (aka The Radu) captures these ethereal sights as he walks past barely-noticeable monuments like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Despite their lack of clarity, the low-lying clouds add elements of mystique and intrigue to these familiar scenes. We can’t help but wonder what’s going on beyond the mist.
Despite snapping plenty of haze-filled pictures, Negru says that there’s not that much fog in the city. “It takes a lot of chasing in advance on the weather apps for those few good old fashioned foggy days,” hewrites. “Most likely it happens early Spring or Autumn. As a photographer I find this is London at its best.” This is reflected on his Instagram—which will make you want to visit—and features many more clear days than foggy ones.

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