Thursday, March 31, 2016

Guys Are Decorating Their Beards with Flowers to Celebrate Spring's Arrival

People are naturally excited by seasonal transformations, especially when temperatures begin to rise and the weather reveals familiar signs of Spring. With snow melting, the chilly air fading, and the ground growing soft, it's all clear signs that it's only a short matter of time until flowers begin to bloom. Despite the traditionally "feminine" association with floral motifs, we live in an era that transcends these archaic "rules of gender norms" and anyone can embrace this momentous time of growth. In fact, many men who sport lush beards are displaying their excitement by arranging vibrant flowers within the folds of their facial hair.
Some guys prefer a sprinkling of flowers here and there, while others go all-out with fun flower patterns and unique blossoms. No matter what design they choose, these men impressively manage to leave us in awe of their majestic flower beards. This is one trend we hope will continue as the years (and seasons) go on.
Above photo via The Gay Beards

Photo via Daniel Richard

Photo via The Gay Beards

Photo via Andrea Giacomelli

Photo via Georgi Carstens

Photo via Katie Oakes

Photo via Ben William

Photo via The Catatonic Mr. Goc

Photo via Aaron Thomas

Photo via Melissa J. Chandler

Photo via Leo Franco

Photo via Zach Hofmann

Photo via Leomary Rodriguez

Photo via Anne Gwish

Photo via Eric W. Brumfield

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