Thursday, March 31, 2016

Floral Human Figures Digitally Bloom From Dried Flowers That Have Been 3D Scanned

Artist Jean-Michel Bihorel uses real dried blooms to create a stunning digital series called Flower Figures. The French creative says that this project is “a bit more experimental than what I usually do,” as his work typically features characters with a cartoonish look and feel. Here, he’s utilized 3D scanning technology to capture a bunch of dried white hydrangeas that were then multiplied and modeled over a female form. The result is a new being that’s simultaneously familiar and exquisitely fantastical.
Bihorel imagines his Flower Figures in a couple of poses that include crouching and reclining. With each position, the character showcases ease-of-movement—the hydrangeas feel like a hand-crafted costume rather than something that lives entirely on a computer.

These are the dried flowers that inspired Bihorel to create Flower Figures:

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