Sunday, December 27, 2015

Artist Carves Pencil Lead into the Tiniest Train on Rails

Using a magnifying glass and X-Acto knife, artist Cindy Chinn has carved a tiny train out of a pencil and its lead. The miniature piece is less than an inch tall and over five-and-a-half inches long, showcasing part of the locomotive barreling through a dark tunnel. Here, the wood casing plays an integral part of the piece and serves as a landscape for Chinn’s intricate graphite chiseling.
To construct this impressive sculpture, Chinn used an assemblage technique. She started with another pencil and etched a 3/16 inch-tall train out of its lead. Afterwards, with a second pencil, she fashioned a passageway and partial tracks. Chinn then glued straight lead pieces (resembling rails) onto it and secured the locomotive to them.
Because of the special size, the artist sells her sculpture with a magnifying glass so that the viewer won’t miss any of its incredible details. This piece is currently for sale through Chinn’s Etsy shop.

Chinn's portfolio also boasts other intricate pencil carvings:

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