Sunday, December 27, 2015

Glass "Photon House" Bathes You in Natural Light to Help You Lead a Healthier Life

Science says that natural light can help you lead a healthier life. With this idea in mind, the team at Photon Space has designed a structure that is encased in glass. The sides and roof are completely see through, bathing the entire interior in natural daylight. Intended for both short term and long term stays, it combines our need for vitamin D with a psychological desire to connect with the outside world.
The Photon Space is a compact 485-square-foot area, yet it feels much larger because of its seemingly never-ending walls. Its construction uses high-tech curved glass that provides panoramic views from every part of the house. With this amount of glazing, however, there comes concerns of both privacy and health risks due to sun exposure. Luckily, the company has taken these fears into consideration: the glass tints to conceal your interior, while also blocking solar radiation, UV light, and sound.
Although suitable for weeks-long stays, Photon Space envisions their design to accompany spas, eco-resorts, therapy, hotel accommodations, glamping, and more. Created in collaboration with Professor Russell Foster, an eminent neuroscientist from Oxford University, there are even fantastic benefits that come from limited-time use. “The daylight shortly after dawn is 50-100 times brighter than artificial home or office light,” Foster said. “When we expose ourselves to this natural light it sets the body clock and increases alertness – it is like having a ‘Photon Shower’. It makes you feel more alive and able to get on with your day.”

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