Sunday, December 27, 2015

Let Adults Color in Their Own Wall Art

Fancy Features, the artists that bring the joy of coloring into large group settings, have recently launched a series of portable canvases meant for one or two people to enjoy. These drawings are done in the same intricate and patterned style as Fancy Features’ sprawling murals, but are on a much smaller scale. They’re ready to hang on your wall after you've finished coloring.
Fancy Features canvases take the adult coloring craze beyond books. While still a calming activity, your masterpieces are no longer sandwiched between a front and back cover—they can become a centerpiece for your favorite room. The illustrations are Giclée printed onto a deep-edged canvas and arrive with acrylic paint pens to imbue them with rich tones. "This is just the beginning," explains Maria Leyden of Fancy Features. "Our range of coloring canvases will continue to grow as we, and other artists from around the world, continue to create unique designs."

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