Sunday, December 27, 2015

Handcrafted Jewelry Elegantly Sparkles with Metallic Flecks Embedded in Colorful Resin

French jewelry designer Elena Gueno creates brilliant accessories using colored resin and metallic flakes. Through her shop called Daimblond, she sells both stackable and cocktail-style rings in beautiful blue, pink, and green tones. Each piece encases flecks of gold and silver leaf that sparkle underneath the sun, creating a glittering effect. This subtle design is elegant and understated, yet makes a bold statement while on your finger.
Gueno creates all of her jewelry by hand. She first creates a cast in a silicone mold and then pours the resin and flakes to form its shape. After it has dried, she sands and polishes every piece. Because of this DIY approach, each ring is slightly different and totally unique. Check out more of her creations—resin and non-resin—on Etsy.

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