Sunday, December 27, 2015

Artist Creates Miniature Hand Thrown Pottery Small Enough to Sit on Your Fingertip

Ceramic artist Jon Almeda likes to work in extremes, and for many years he's crafted massive pottery—the bigger the better. That all changed, however, when he came across a book called Creating Ceramic Miniatures. This publication precipitated a major shift in his process, and he went from throwing large vessels to producing pieces at the opposite end of the spectrum. Now, Almeda’s incredible works are tiny enough to sit on the tip of your finger.
The miniature bowls and vases are around one inch in scale. To craft them, Almeda developed a customized Curio Wheel that allows him to deftly shape and carve the clay into its tiny forms. This specially motorized device also ensures that his pottery will be strong enough to withstand the standard glazing and firing procedures.
Almeda thrives while working in this tiny scale. “Throwing small really allows me to focus on the shape and form of a piece,” he writes on his website. “It is a very meditative form of creation.” To see how the potter throws these pieces, check out the number of short videos he has on his Instagram.

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