Sunday, December 27, 2015

Solar Powered Globe Rotates On Your Desk Like the Earth in Space

The MOVA Cube combines the beauty of an old-fashioned globe with the power of the sun. This solar-driven product uses special motion technology to recreate the rotation of the Earth in space. As the planet continuously floats and spins, it sits perfectly centered inside of a transparent cube, allowing you to see the fine details etched on the colorful sphere.
One of the cube’s most striking features is its ability to stay effortlessly suspended. To make this happen, the company developed a complex mixture of fluids that invisibly surround and support the Earth, creating the mesmerizing effect. The globe also contains hidden solar cells that power its rotation. Simply position it within light and you’ll soon have a calming, kinetic sculpture that’s perfect for your desk.
The MOVA Cube is available in two distinct designs—one displays bright coloring and resembles the oceans and lands on Earth; the other version is a vintage-inspired beige hue, which appears less saturated but equally as exquisite.

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