Sunday, December 27, 2015

Transparent Chair Uses Removable Sheets of Plastic to Easily Alter Its Appearance

South Korean industrial designer Sohyun Yun has created a chair that can change as often as your mood. CalledLayer, this innovative seat is made out of clear acrylic and has an entirely see-through structure. Thanks to its clever construction, the “blank canvas” is completely customizable, with empty space in its back and base. Here, you can insert three layers of printed or colored acrylic, in addition to other materials like wood or glass.
The ability to tailor this chair ensures that it will never get boring. If your design scheme changes or you want to try a new look, it’s as simple as sliding in new sheets of plastic. You can even overlap colors and textures to produce exciting visual combinations. Layer is also perfect for special events or holidays, where it can become a festive part of your decor.
Yun’s idea for Layer was inspired by our consumerist society—people buy things based on trends and then discard them once something new comes along. Conversely, this type of seating is adaptable to current taste, ensuring that you’ve got a long-lasting piece of furniture that’s updated with just a few modifications.

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